About Us

Welcome to TimeForGear, an exclusive toy store that thrives to deliver premium quality DIY mechanical toys all over India. Our passion for rare toys led to this venture. We hold an abundance of wooden and metal DIY mechanical models keeping  vintage toy lovers in mind— who maintain a deep sense of arts and crafts.


Our product features true craftsmanship and depth of creativity. All of our products are made from durable materials such as metal and wood.


Driven by the ideology ‘eco-friendly’, our wooden antiques are carved through renewable resources, which makes the cleaning process quite easy.


Our product endlessly meets the standard of creative toy collectors, who are basically adults. Our products are ideally served for every occasion as the most timeless gift.


We are driven by the latest innovations that we often try hard to carry out in our products. To its best, we are committed to pacing up with the ever-changing market demand and thus we are determined to keep a happy smile on our respective customers.